Monty (10x10)

This sweet guy got all packaged up last week and is making his way to his next big adventure. He’s a much loved Manitoba rescue with a big heart. 

CRUSH (12x12 commission)

I did this one for a family member (that was a wee bit of a late Christmas gift). It always helps when I know the dog personally. Lucky for me, I’ve had some pretty sweet snuggles with Crush (who’s a total love bug).

Sheepers (24x24 available)

Sheepers (24x24 available) It was great to reconnect with some of the pieces I had been working on before Christmas break, including Sheepers.I’ve had this painting around for at least a year (playing around with the layers and trying to achieve that woolly look”). I finally think I got it!Let’s hope my next one doesn’t take as long.

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Tantalus Range (12x24).

This is one of my favourite pieces I completed this past month. I like its simplicity, and I think it really captures the winter nighttime glow that you see and feel off the mountains at this ytime of year.It reminds me of why I decided to call this beautiful province home 26 years ago today.I’m trying to decide if it should be a keeper too,


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Cindy Lou (12x12)

Cindy Lou (12x12 Xmas commission) Painting bears for me is the equivalent of getting a pep talk from a good friend. I’m comfortable painting them and almost all of them turn out (I wish I could say the same for moose). Yet I never get bored because there’s always room for experimenting, and no limit to the expressions you can create.This sweet girl kept things positive while working on some other tricky pieces this Christmas.

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Victor (24x12)

I’m long over due in sharing Victor with you.  He reminds me of all the pelicans I see visiting at our family cabin in Manitoba. I can’t remember any pelicans from when I was younger but there seems to be lots now.  Although I’m never been this close enough to get the “stare”. It’s the kind of look that seems to follow you around the room.  


Chloe (20x20)I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to have a commission picked up. This has been my hardest piece yet. Yellow and gold dogs have always been tricky for me, but this one seemed extra tough.The photo was backlit (so her face was in the shade and some of her body looked way darker then she was in real life).We also want to capture the beach in the background since the family had so many happy memories with Chloe there. And, I wish I knew why, some paintings come easy and flow together (my favourites) and some are more of a struggle, where I feel like I’m playing chess with the canvas. Thankfully, I think I won this one, and I’m very happy with the results. I hope her family is happy too


LOST (24x20 available). I always seem to have side projects on the go that are inspired by my surroundings.Flowers are the theme in the spring, and right now I’m feeling a bit obsessed about winter trees and snowy mountains. I keep trying to get the reflective light correct (especially on the mountain tops).I also have been playing with various shades of blue in the background and how they glow with the shiny top coat.

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Nick (8x8)

Nick (8x8, available). I’ve been playing around with using black gesso as a base layer and I’m loving the results (especially with the green background colour).  I’m interested to see how it compares with other backgrounds (and subjects like cows, ravens and bears). 


Victoria (8x10)

Victoria (8x10, available $225)I’ve been experimenting with my process by using black as a base layer. I love the dramatic impact it has and how it makes the colours just pop. I think also the black and white of the chickadee looks great against the vibrant turquoise background.

Stella (12x16)

Stella (12x16, available). Missing cabin life on Gambier and all the deer that we see. I think our record was 11 during a short, less then five minute, drive home from the beach.They are awesome neighbours (although I might say differently once I start my flower garden this spring).

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Murphy (24x24)

Murphy (24x24) available. Murphy has been finished for a while and just “hanging out” in my studio. I went with a looser, more carefree feeling with this one. I think he just makes me happy which is why I’ve kept him around for little while longer. 


Willow (12x16) available. This is probably the very first bear reference photo that I ever painted (guessing 2013?). I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to try again. This time I used a black gesso’d canvas for the base and boy - it makes the colours pop. The dark fur gives it such impact too. I think this is one of my new favourites and I’m already planing a larger version. 

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 I can’t seem to get this cow out of my mind. Or should I say cows.... I have two different looking white cow photos that I love. Both cows look very different yet somehow they come out the same when I paint them. And I’m still working on “that perfect white”. But I’m really enjoying the process of “tweaking” each one a bit different. I tried to bringing some life and playfulness into this one using lots of yellowy golds against pinkie purples in the fur. 

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Faking It (20x20)

Faking it (20x20). Seems fitting to share a floral with you on such a warm, sunny day (even if the flowers were fake).I’m always so eager to share completely work - that I almost always realize as I’m posting that I forgot to sign the painting.I will have to sign this one as soon as I’m back at the studio,

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Sophia (24x24)

Sophia (24x24) sold. I finally got this sweet girl finished on Friday. She is one of my favourite reference photos to paint -I’ve always really liked the white animal on a turquoise background combination. I think it really helps bring some life to the subtle neutral tones.

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I seem to be in the mood for smaller canvases these days - and I especially like these little rectangular ones. I've been trying to get back into the practice of daily painting and the little canvases are way less intimidating (and not as much wasted paint if I mess up). They are also great as a "warm up" piece to start my day in the studio.

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Holly's Jolly in July

This is my most favorite floral I've done to date. Partly it's because Holly Hocks always remind me of my grandfather, and family back in Manitoba. But also this painting was one of those rare times where everything just flowed, and came together. I think I stopped at just the right moment, and I didn't over work anything. It's these rare studio sessions that keep me motivated and pushing for more,

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