George (12x 16)

This guy is full of personality - especially with his super bushy eyebrows. Originally his background was black, then while teaching I used him as a demo to paint a rusty background (on a whim) and I’m so glad I did. I think it really works! Gotta love when that happens,

Jesse James

Another piece inspired by our holiday here on Gambier Island. We have a clever raven who stalks our property. Anytime we leave, he swings by our outdoor kitchen looking for anything he can steal.He can easily “tap” a circle to cut open most cardboard boxes, and seems to have a love citronella candles. He has also stolen packs of LEGO, dog food, marshmallows, and lots of garbage, but has a distaste for cucumbers. I debated about calling this guy asshole (as he’s lovingly referred to by husband) but settled on Jesse James.

Marshall (12x12)

Meet Marshall. He’s my first painting I completed in my new studio at our cabin on #gambierisland . Someone once told me that it’s good luck to have a rooster at the entrance of your home -I’m hoping he’ll bring me good luck here in the studio (and open to any other “lucky” suggestions),


Lola (8x8) available. I have several goldfinches who come and visit my backyard. They always brighten my day, and I find them so entertaining to watch.They stand out so much compared to the other birds - I can’t help but wonder if they have little personalities and what it would be like to be the bright, little yellow bird amongst all the beige juncos and wrens. They certainly make my day, and even painting them will always cheer me up.


Autumn (8x8) available,I seem to be on an English Robin “kick” these days. I used only want to paint birds I’ve seen in real life because I felt like I was somehow cheating otherwise. But these guys are so darn cute and orangey reds are my favourite to paint with. I should also mention my ten year old daughter suggested she should be named Autumn since she had all the colours of the fall. The fact my daughter wanted to name her makes me like her even more,

Earnest (12x12)

Introducing... Earnest (12x12 available). I appreciated everyone’s name suggestions for this “earnest 😉” fellow - but Earnest seemed pretty fitting.On some paintings names just seem to come right away - other times I just come to a blank.Plus I’ve painted over 400 pieces. That’s a lot of names,

January Flowers

I’ve had this one finished for a while but haven’t shared it with you yet. I’ve started to post it a couple of times but always stop because I’m unhappy with the photo.There’s always too much sun that cause glares or it’s too dark with shadows. The gloss I use makes the paint colours super vibrant but it’s a pain to try and photograph (at least for this amateur photographer)

Highlands Cubs (40x30)

This sweet bear family was picked up today. It will always have a special place in my heart.The reference photo is from one of my sons’s school books and this one just reminds me of what it feels like to be a mother. Plus, I couldn’t be happier with the balance of loose brushstrokes vs. capturing the details in the characters of the little cubs.

March On (12x12)

Happy first day of March!March is one of my favourite months. Not only is it my birthday month, but it’s also the start of spring. Even with a few snow patches - it always feels good to put January & February behind me (and know that sunshine and flowers are fast on their way).

Pearl (20x20)

International Polar Bear Day is organized by Polar Bears International to raise awareness about the impact of global warming and reduced sea ice on polar bear populations.

The day encourages people to find ways to reduce their carbon output, such as by turning down their thermostat or driving less.


The day has also been used to encourage the installation of energy efficient insulation in houses.


I always love painting roosters. They always have such attitude and character.  And I think I did an amesome job choosing his name!  This guy totally puts a smile on my face too!

Charisse (12x12)

I love this little chickadee, especially with the bold black ground (my new favourite background). I’ve also been “playing “ with little white highlights around the eyes of my little birds to try and make them stand out a little more - I think it really “draws the viewer in”. Plus I think it adds to their cute little character.


We are on our way back home after a wonderful holiday in Barcelona and getting ready to face some colder temperatures (and very grey skies).It seemed appropriate to share this very Canadian fella who’s been hanging in my studio. I love his bright and cheery background,

January (16x16)

I can’t get enough of black backgrounds at the moment. I keep thinking of different critters/ colour combinations to try out. Everything just seems to pop next to the shiny black and it gives it such impact. 

Delilah (20x20)

Delilah is done ✅. She’s based on my favourite chicken photo that I’ve painted several times. Funny how I can paint the same photo over and over and I always struggle with the same parts.Apparently I need to do things many, many, times before I learn (damn you chicken feet). I actually put Delilah aside during the Christmas rush, and it was only recently that my studio “roomie” pointed her out and suggested I get back at it.I’m pretty grateful for the nudge to get her done and reminder to tackle those pieces even when things get rough.

Snowy Glow (30x40)

My first completed landscape in 2018 - and one of my favourites. I did things “out of order” on this one and sketched it out first, then tried to add background colour around the trees (while trying not to smudge the charcoal trees). And speaking of background- I put super bright orange first, then the turquoise on top (after it dries). This really makes the blue “pop”. I’m having so much fun experimenting with the sky and trees - it’s nice to mix things up once in a while.