I seem to be in the mood for smaller canvases these days - and I especially like these little rectangular ones. I've been trying to get back into the practice of daily painting and the little canvases are way less intimidating (and not as much wasted paint if I mess up). They are also great as a "warm up" piece to start my day in the studio.

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Holly's Jolly in July

This is my most favorite floral I've done to date. Partly it's because Holly Hocks always remind me of my grandfather, and family back in Manitoba. But also this painting was one of those rare times where everything just flowed, and came together. I think I stopped at just the right moment, and I didn't over work anything. It's these rare studio sessions that keep me motivated and pushing for more,

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 The more time I spent at the cabin, the more I want to paint birds. My husband tells me I'm turning into a bird geek - and I'd have to agree. But they just make me so happy. And please excuse the glare - his high gloss finish is always tricky to photograph (especially in my home studio with its big windows). 

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A sweet little brown bear that I did in oil a few weeks back. I haven't played much with oil paints since this piece (my patience was wearing thin I learning a new medium). I hope to get back at them again soon - they have such a rich, deep colour.

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Sammy 10x10

The owls seem to be going crazy in my neighbourhood. We have one that doesn't seem to stop "whooing" and another who has apparently been swiping down at people walking through the forest. I got the pleasure of seeing him the other day on a dog walk. Thankfully he was busy with a mouse snack and didn't swoop down on us. So of course I've inspired to start painting a few more owls again.


Fleurs de Mai

Finished this big one from last weekend. It's the largest floral I've painted and I'm already mapping out In my mind how I can go bigger (and bolder?). I feel like I'm getting more and more into my "groove" with every floral I paint. Plus it's been a nice change to be using such bright and vibrant colours

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Unexpected Snow (48x24)

Unexpected Snow (48x24) available. I'm sure the last thing anyone around here wants to see is more snow - but I thought I'd share this one with you. I finally caved and brought to my Bungalow studio one of my winter tree paintings from my private collection. It's one of my favourites. The deep turquoise background has such a glow (and looks way better in person).

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Marvin (24x36)

This big, handsome fella recently came back into my possession from hanging in a local restaurant for the past little while. It's been so long since I've done a direct profile moose - this guy is making me want to give it another try (but maybe bigger - and maybe oils?).   He just seems to have such a presence about him. 


Plum (12x12)

Plum (12x12).  I was surprised at how much I liked painting oils at last weekends workshop. But, it was one thing to try them at a workshop, when I was painting something completely different, like a piece of fruit, and there was a teacher to help when needed it.  I  really wanted to try them with something that was more every day to me.  So - here's my very first bear painted in oils. It's been a learning curve painting "wet on wet" in oils and not letting things dry between layers. I love how it forces me to keep painting through the scary bits and actually finish a painting in a reasonable amount of time.


Welcoming May (16x16)

Honestly, I think this is my favourite flower painting so far. I started with a turquoise background instead of my warm orange and I love this bits of blue that poke through.  This one is done in acrylics and I'd love to figure out how to have the same dramatic effect using oils. 


Rory's View

've been working on this one for ages. It's one of my favourite landscape reference photos by @rorytucker . I tried really hard to keeps things simple (and use minimal brushstrokes). The light in the original photo was so amazing and I wanted the painting to have similar feel. This one might be a keeper. 

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Tony (24x20)

Tony could be my lucky charm. He's the first painting I finished in my new studio and I think he turned out awesome. When I've moved studios in the past, it's always taken me a few weeks to get "back in the groove" (including a wee bit of some artist blocks too). It can be so frustrating and I had some major worries that this might happen again. But then along came Tony.

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Churchill (12x36)

Here's to the folks in Churchill, Manitoba and their record breaking blizzard this past week. I can't fathom living in such harsh winter conditions - although it would be pretty incredible to see these big, beautiful creatures. I've attempted to paint this reference photo many, many times but only two have worked out (the other one is hanging in my dining room). I love the composition of this one.

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