Bailey, 16x16 Acrylic on canvas, commission

This is the second piece I did for "Ted's Mom" (from my previous post). I'm so proud of Bailey's tongue (it was my first real tongue, and it's a very strong part of Bailey's personality). Here is what Ted's mom had to say about her pieces:

"Thank you thank you thank you! For taking time to paint Teddy and Bailey for me.

My friends were ecstatic with their surprise gift and love the precision in capturing her goofiness, energy and playfulness. Oh, and her tongue?!! It's brilliant and perfect! The colors you've used give the paintings so much depth.

I have Teddy up on the wall already and I can't stop staring at your work. Up close you see every carefully placed brush stroke and intense colours and from afar you see how the textures layers and colours come together. I couldn't imagine a better outcome. You've caught Teddy's old soulful eyes and majestic personality. Looking at this painting brings a cheerful smile to my face and I can cherish his personality forever.